Thanksgiving Fun @ our house


Hosting a dinner party is always a pleasure for me. Whether it’s for forty or just four people, I miss no opportunity to entertain people. Last week for TG, it was just four of us and not only we planned the menu but also cooked it together.  So here is how we celebrated 🙂




Door Turkey

We did not eat turkey, but we did craft it. My son helped me all the way and it was his idea only to make a turkey. It looked beautiful on the front door.

Table runner

I had this burlap runner for quite sometime and my son and I painted it with fun colors and in less than 30 minutes we had a new table runner ready for our TG dinner.


Framed Turkey

We made this buttoned turkey, again on burlap. A bit tricky, but manageable. Since we were time pressed we pasted buttons with glue stick. I think we can sew the buttons too. Maybe next time !!





On The Dinner Table


Let’s Cook Together! Yes, that was the plan. I took care of Salmon Salad and Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers. The man of the house baked corn bread and also Tomato Basil Soup.











Everyone had a great time. It was indeed a memorable weekend.