Giving Thanks

A recent study from Journal of Positive Psychology found that if you identify three positive things in your life and then reflect on why you are thankful for them, you experience a measurable increase in happiness. This grateful reflection may also change your cognitive habits. When something good happens, you are more likely to appreciate it as you are in a habit of recognizing positive things. In this technologically driven era, we often take  good things for granted. We are complaining about what’s missing in our lives. We are busy chasing our dreams totally unaware of the reality. And the reality is it’s all in the small stuff.
Gratitude, they say, is not only the greatest of virtues  but the parent of all the others.  And according to Aseop Fables, “gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” So, it’s about time that we should cultivate this virtue and be genuinely thankful for all our blessings. It will need a lot of work and lot of practice. As you develop this  habit, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul.

Maybe it’s time to compose a “gratitude letter” to a person who has made a positive and lasting influence in your life. I’m grateful for so many people who walked into my life. Some of them are like balms to my soul. They have given me strength and instilled hope in me during my hard times . Not only on Thanksgiving but I think about them every now and then. I regret that I never got to say thanks to my own father. I believe that my actions and feelings expressed my gratitude towards him when he was alive.  

Now comes the food part ( I can’t forget it’s a food blog !! ). It’s Thanksgiving day today. And our tradition is to cook the meal together. I have planned a small array of dishes – some savory, some sweet, some healthy and some decadent – something for everyone.
Here’s the menu for dinner tonight :

Tomato basil soup
Grilled Salmon Ceaser Salad

Main course
Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers
Corn Bread
Baked Sweet potato fries

Pumpkin pie (From Village Inn )

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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