Food and Fun @ Taos, NM

Halt The Hibernation ! 
A vacation does not have to be a long, expensive affair. Keeping that in mind we plan short vacations as and when needed.  Since it was a warm and sunny long weekend, a last minute road trip was given green signal by ‘S’. And what followed was a quick online hotel reservation  and an  even quicker trip to supermarket.  Within hours we were all set for our drive to Taos, New Mexico.

Taos is one tank escape from Colorado Springs . This peaceful town has its own charm, culture and  a long proud history.  We love the place for its unique architecture and  vibrant people. The main reason for our annual trips to Taos is the Hanuman Temple, which is one of its kind in the U.S.A. 

You can probably reach there in about 3 ½  hours if you drive non stop. But that kills the joy of a road trip. We usually stop in between for snack breaks and just to experience the route itself.  It’s a leisurely drive which takes us about 5 hours.
Sharing some pictures from our trip. Hope you enjoy them ! 


This frozen lake was our third halt en route. Here is one more picture .

Our vacation is incomplete if we do not check out one of the local cafes. 

Love the decor

and their latte…

and fresh pastries !

This time I tried cinnamon bun; now on my baking-to-do list  !

To sum it up, it was a much needed break to banish the winter weariness. A lazy long weekend turned into a fun and interesting vacation 🙂


See you soon with my next recipe.

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