No blogging

I’m Back !
I’ve been lazy. My lack of posting has been giving me guilt, guilt and more guilt. I’ve been telling myself that I need to update my blog without any further delay. But no amount of ‘self talk’ could motivate me.
Last few months I’ve realized that as a mother of two kids I can’t have it all. With the arrival of baby no. 2, most of my hobbies and interests have taken a backseat. I’ve rearranged my ‘To-do- list’ and posting on my food blog is not even there in the new list, forget about  ranking it ! 
So many times I’ve started writing , photographed some delectable food. But (sadly) all the ideas and thoughts are sleeping tightly in my diary. And it’s been really  difficult to compile everything to post on a regular basis.
I’m not sure when and how I’ll find time but I’m  going to make an effort to rechargemy blog.
For those who are still paying attention, Thank You .


New recipes are just around the corner.

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