Ice Cream Birthday Party

My son turned five in July this year. He has been waiting for his special day since the beginning of this year. Looking at his excitement, I wanted to organize a memorable birthday party for him and his friends. After much thought and research , I knew an ice cream party would be fun for everyone and appropriate for the season.


 I’m more of a DIY kind of person. So, most of the decorations were handmade by me and my son. Party food was kid friendly and matched with the theme. The pictures did not come out very pretty but I hope you get some ideas if you are planning an ice cream party.



1) I created an ice cream parlor to place all the party favors. I used the wine rack / wooden rack and covered it with hand written poster. You can make this in 30 minutes or less.




You can also see the ice cream Pinata in the above picture. Stuff it as per your child’s choice.

2) An ice cream shaped banner saying   ‘ I’m 5’  . I used a foam sheet from local craft store.



3) A ‘Happy Birthday Arindam’ banner in the shape of popsicles. I started two weeks before the party to cut, paste and tie individual paper pops. My son helped me in this too. Use the colored chart papers. Draw a rough popsicle shape on 8 by 11 white printer paper .  If you do not like your first shape, try another one. When you have the best one ready, cut it and use it to cut rest of the individual banners. After you are done with cutting, paste the alphabets. Then paste the wooden stick on the back. Punch the top of each individual popsicle to tie them together with a thick lace or yarn. I place this banner in our kitchen , very close to the ceiling. Everyone liked the idea !!





An ice cream cake :  I baked a simple chocolate cake and used butter cream icing to cover it. And just before cake cutting, I topped the cake with a real ice cream cone filled with ice cream. I used colorful sprinkles around the edges. Simple but very colorful.



Ice cream shaped cookies : I baked simple vanilla cookies and cut them in ice cream shapes using an ice cream shaped cookie cutter. You can buy these cookie cutters online  ( Amazon has these ) or from any craft store.




For icing, I used store bought cookie icing and outlined the cookies. I did this on purpose as it was my first time decorating them. So less icing = less mess !! The extra icing and sprinkles on the tips of each cookie made them extra colorful.You can see the use of light colors for icing because I did not want to create mess as I’m no expert 🙂


Popsicle patties : Using the phyllo dough, I made potato patties in the shape of popsicles and used wooden spatulas. Phyllo dough is available in the frozen section of grocery stores. Wooden spatulas can be picked from the craft isle. First bake the patties in cylindrical shape using the package directions, then insert sticks. Nice ??




Some of the patties were slightly over baked but still they tasted really good.
Ice cream Corner: I also served  ice cream ( vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors ) in cones and waffle cones. Kids were not expecting that many options but they enjoyed decorating their ice cream cones with jelly beans, sprinkles , choco chips etc. You can keep it simple  and just serve one flavor and one cone. I always go over board with my menu , but no regrets !!
Macaroni and Veggie sandwiches: Since it was lunch time, I made macaroni and sandwiches along with potato chips. Kids savored these with fruit juice.



Party Favors


 I got some sundae glasses in fun colors and filled them with ice cream cone shaped bubble bottles, snack bars. I packed  everything in the glasses and topped it with straw.



Everyone enjoyed the food, games and I was happy to see Arindam and his friends  enjoying his party.
Mission accomplished :))


The only regret : Forgot to blow up the pinata 🙁  We were all having such a good time, kids were playing in the backyard with water guns that pinata slipped out of our minds !!


If you are planning to have ice cream theme party for your child, go ahead. It’s a big hit among kids.
Let me know if you need help.


Would love to hear from you