My Cooking Philosophy



I grew up in an environment where food was always made from scratch, fresh & appetizing. My parents always stressed upon the importance of unprocessed food and I’m indebted to them for inculcating healthy eating habits in me. I always focus on nutritional benefits of any recipe. Because good food is simple, fresh and delicious, it rarely comes out from cans or packaged boxes !


Keeping it simple

Having two active kids running around the house pretty much eliminates the possibility of an over-the-top meal. So, I always look for recipes that do not come with a long list of ingredients & are quick to try. Therefore, any recipe which I’m working on has to be short & simple. I mean who has the time to slog for hours in kitchen on busy week nights?? The only exception to this would be some special events in the family. I intend to cook fresh & flavorful meals for my family. It’s such a joy to feed them a decent, home cooked meal. But simple doesn’t need to be boring. That’s not me!! I like simple things but in a fancy way. Whatever I cook, I make it look fancy as if I’ve labored for hours in the kitchen. But that’s rarely the case. And that’s where the food stylist in me shows up.


Why my cooking is unique

Every cook believes that he/she has a unique style of cooking. And why not? I think it’s the cooking style and techniques which sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. We all deserve to eat food that is fresh, healthy and offers good nutrition too. And you don’t need to compromise on taste either. Here are some good reasons you would want to try my recipes :

              Using very little oil/ butter/ sugar in each recipe
                Using the freshest ingredients available
     Making everything from scratch
Making fancy out of simple
Waist friendly recipes
No compromise on taste

I have seen people boasting about using less oil in their cooking but when I actually see them cooking they use a lot ! It’s a general belief that more oil/ sugar  means  better tasting recipes. It’s not true. Don’t want to believe me?  Go ahead and try any of my recipe  and post an honest comment on how you liked it. Good or bad , I want to hear from you. Let me know. 

What’s your cooking philosophy??


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