Street Food / Chaats

I love street food. Much before I started this blog. Much before I moved to U.S.A. I can have street food as all three meals in a single day and even next day!  Such is my love for street food. Here I would like to mention that my husband, Sumit, finds this  a bit odd as he is not that crazy about street food.To tell you the truth, he is not much into street food. He can have it as a snack but never as a complete meal !

Every culture across the globe has its own comforting and nostalgic street food. In many countries, like India, Malaysia and Mexico, every region has a popular street food. Street food makes life interesting, brings in lot of fun to the otherwise lazy /boring evenings . And when you are travelling it offers you a  cheap alternative to try the local flavors of the place. When not travelling, street food helps you to unwind after a long day. I do not make them very often as Sumit is not fond of such food but I have developed quite a few recipes to suit his palate. In this section I will share some popular Indian street foods and also some of my own developed recipes.
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