Happy Women’s Day

For all the women in my life and your life. 

Every year March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day to honor women’s accomplishments in different fields.This day has assumed a new global dimension for women in both developed & developing countries.This year marks 100 years of the declaration & observation of first International Women’s Day.Each year a theme is selected to mark the occassion & is promoted over the course of year. As a mark of respect, there are various celebrations ranging from quiet & purposeful meetings & conferences to loud & festive celebrations.

Amidst all those global celebrations, how can we celebrate at a personal level ? Here are some of my thoughts on personal celebrations :
  • Take a break from everything & spend some time with yourself – not just today but everyday. I believe that if I can enjoy my own company, people too would enjoy my presence. If you can’t dare to spend sometime alone just by yourself,  imagine how others would feel in your company !!
  • Make a resolution around this day instead of New Year’s Day. Chances are your goals will look more reasonable.
  • Cherish your strengths & achievements (Don’t boast !).This is also an opportunity to consider how much more you can do.
  • Appreciate other women’s strengths & achievements.Be honest & generous while you give compliments. We all know when we recieve a fake compliment. Some people do it all the time. Too bad !
  • Think about the woman who has helped shaped your life. She could be your mother, friend, teacher or co – worker. Express your gratitude 🙂
  • Go out & spend some time with your friends.
Last year I started my blog on this day. So it’s my Blog’s First Anniversary. Though I was away from my blog for six months, still I have  learnt a lot of new recipes from my fellow blogger friends. Each of them have contributed to my learning in one way or the other. Thanks to all of them & a BIG thanks to all those who follow my blog & try my recipes, who write to me giving me feedback through email (which is highly appreciated) and those who ask for some particular recipes.You all make me feel good in so many ways. Thanks everyone.

Happy Women’s Day. Keep rocking !


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