Indian Spices

From east to west, the world is full of spices, which in the right hands, can fuse together beautifully and lead to memorable meals.

But often it is believed that spicy food means ‘hot’ food. This may not be always true.

There are four spices which can be considered hot :Black/white pepper, ginger, garlic and Chili Peppers (including cayenne, bell peppers etc.).

Of all these, chili is the only one which imparts a spicy heat to the dishes it is added to. All the other spices only add flavor unless used in excess.

If you don’t like hot food, just leave out the chilies. You can add any other spice you want to a dish and it won’t make it very hot.

Every Sunday I refill my spice box and while I was doing so last evening I thought it would be good if  I share some useful links which I refer to for any information I want to have on spices.

Now going through the list one may ask how many spices do we need? The answer will vary.

As I said earlier that cooking is all about experimentation, so more you have in your kitchen laboratory, more you can mix & match.

So here are two links which I found useful. Will update as & when I have more to share.

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