Valentine Fun !

A day well spent …

A movie, a lunch date followed by coffee at a  cozy cafeteria & later a home cooked  dinner with family – our Valentine day turned out to be a super packed one! Usually we go out for V’day dinner either on 13th or 15th February just to avoid the mad rush. But this time Arindam’s daddy managed to take a day off on 14th itself & hence all the planning. More than V’day, we were looking forward to spending some time together – just two of us.

The choices for movies were very limited as we wanted to have lunch too before picking up Arindam from his school. The show timings for ‘Woman In Black’ were fitting well in our schedule.My husband, who knows that I’ll never offer to watch a horror movie at home, was little uneasy with my selection of movie. The other option for the movie was a predictable love story. So we decided to go for this one. Also I believed that a movie theater is probably a better place to watch a horror movie with dozens of people around.

So there we were – with our movie tickets, popcorn & drinks, we  were ready for the show – well almost !  Next 10 minutes were no less than a nightmare for me. The hall no. 13 where that movie was being screened was all empty. To our surprise we were the only ones in that hall who would be watching the movie.For once we decided to leave but actually we didn’t. It was a unique experience which I’m not going to forget ever !

For lunch we went to ‘Amanda’s Fonda’, a Mexican restaurant in the old city.This place has a rustic charm with a splash of bright Spanish decor here & there.The food was flavorful & can be safely labeled as authentic Mexican cuisine. Though you may know of better Mexican restaurants , especially if you are coming from east or west coasts, but for CO it is a good one & for us a much needed break from the popular ‘Chains’.
Very recently, my husband discovered this coffee shop, again in old city & he was very eager to take me there.The moment you step in, you know it has more to offer. It has a relaxed and serene ambiance, inviting decor and vintage furniture. Definitely a place to go with your someone special !

Dinner was simple Indian food but I tried a new appetizer dish with mushrooms. Recipe will be coming soon.
You may wonder that in my last post I mentioned that V’day is not a big deal for us. That’s right. We try to do this once in a month or two. And for this month we picked up 14th simply because it was easier for him to take a day off that day ! Worked for us :))


  1. Oh I enjoy Amanda's Fonda and Agia Sophia!! Both places were excellent choices. As for the "The Woman in Black"…..well, that's not my cup of tea. :0) But I'm glad it turned out to be a memorable experience for you and Sumit. Sounds like a fun V-day!!

  2. Hope you had a great day. The incident happened to u in theater has happened at restaurants for me.

  3. That was a lovely treat 🙂 I'm sure you guys had a great day, wishes for many more love n wonderful days of togetherness 🙂

  4. Hope you had a lovely time together:)

  5. that was lovely….hope u enjoyed it well

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