Coffee With Sumit

Guest Recipe by Sumit Celly 

On Coffee Beans, French Press & More ….

I was never much of a coffee drinker. India is a tea drinking country and I stayed true to my roots until about three years back. And that doesn’t mean I have given up on tea. Coffee has just replaced some of that.

When I first tasted regular Starbucks coffee, I had to add tons of sugar and some milk to get over the bitterness. I could not understand how people could consume this drink which was so bitter without any sugar or milk. Black coffee drinkers were an enigma to me. It was then I found out that Americans liked their coffee strong. Since more is better in this country, hence more caffeine was better than less caffeine. But I slowly got used to the taste and started using less and less of sugar. But even then I hardly made coffee at home. The automatic coffee maker that drips coffee through a filter made too much coffee and I never really liked the taste of it. One reason was that I followed the directions which said one scoop per 4 ounces of coffee. That much coffee powder makes strong coffee for an amateur coffee drinker like me.
But two years back I discovered the French Press. The name sounded cool, it used up no electricity and making coffee finally resembled making tea. Basically you let coarsely ground coffee beans stay in a glass jar for four minutes and then press it to filter out the grounds. Also I used 3 scoops for 16 ounces of coffee, the strength that works for me. In fact now I cannot think of making regular coffee in anything other than a French press. First of all the Bodum French press is a beauty just to look at. The new 17 ounce press that I got this Christmas makes just the right amount of coffee and is fairly easy to  clean. By that I mean why clean a 32 ounce container when you can clean a 17 ounce one. French press requires coarsely ground coffee. You can ground your coffee in the store but if you do it at home, you take your coffee to the next level.
This Christmas after much deliberation and research I finally bought a coffee grinder. I chose a manual one, first because it was small and second because I did not want to wake up the house while grinding some beans. It’s a manual Hario Slim Mill manufactured by a company in Japan. The thing is really small and sleek, a word my wife loves to use. It has a plastic container which looks like a kids milk bottle at the bottom that receives the ground coffee. The top is a conical black plastic container in which you put the beans. And then there is a nut at the top to which you attach the long handle that provides the torque to grind the coffee. 
If you want to experience good coffee buy small quantity of beans and grind them at home. The aroma of freshly ground coffee itself will be worth the reward of making the coffee. I really look forward to cranking the little handle on the manual grinder each morning. And now I actually experience the taste of coffee instead of dousing it with sugar and milk to hide the bitterness. In fact, sometimes I drink my cup of coffee without adding sugar or milk in it. The black coffee is no longer an enigma.
About The Guest Sumit Celly happens to be my husband & a loving father to our three & a half years old son. A software engineer by profession, he is a person with very refined tastes – be it food, music, movies, books and of course chai & coffee ! I’m glad that the first guest recipe on my blog has been penned down by him. Thanks hubby 🙂


  1. I love coffee with lots of milk and sugar. Never tried the french press. I need to try it. Interesting post Sumit. Looking forward to more posts from you.

  2. I agree..very refined tastes !! Good post Sumit..looking forward to more from you in the writing world!

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