Roti Maker (Tortilla Press)

The Art Of Making Chapatti/ Roti (Tortilla)….. My Journey !
Most of the Indian meals are incomplete without this flat, round, fresh bread, popularly known as Chapatti / Roti (Tortilla). It is usually served with dishes like curries, dals ( lentil soups ) & sabzi  ( sauteed veggies laced with  spices).Every roti has a story to tell like if it’s not round, it has been rolled out by novice hands. If it’s hard, it tells us that the dough has not been kneaded properly & also it has not been cooked at the right temperature. There is no single way to define a perfect roti but it is believed that a soft, round roti made from whole wheat flour is the ideal one.
It took me forever to master this art – right from making the perfect dough which means it should be well kneaded  using the right amount of  warm water  followed by making small balls out of the dough which are further flattened using a rolling pin. The taste , texture & shape of the final roti depends a lot on the firmness of dough & right heat at which it is cooked.
I was doing ok with this task in the kitchen.Honestly this was one task which I detested from the bottom of my heart ! Then came the ‘Ganglion Cyst’ in my right wrist which made my right hand no less than a vegetable. I could hardly use it for anything, let alone roti making.For couple of months we fed ourselves with store bought tortillas.
Our hunt for tortilla press started when we could not imagine eating more of those ready made tortillas which were rich in oil, sodium & other preservatives (we have tried all of them). After weeks of searching both online & in stores , we ended up buying a good tortilla press (Revel Tortilla Roti Maker With Temperature Control 1000 Watts Non-Stick 110 Volts ) online at

My initial weeks of roti making using this press were bad . Rotis were hard, dry or I should say unpalatable. After a lot of trial & error, I got the desired rotis. Now, I love my tortilla press more than any other appliance in my kitchen(I still love my dishwasher, juicer & microwave !!). My Ganglion Cyst is still there but I think it’s in a  ‘dormant’ phase since last few months, hence very little pain:)  And to avoid putting any pressure on my right hand, I use the tortilla press all the more. 

For my tortilla press, this is what I do:

  • Keep the dough  soft, not very firm. 
  • Oil  (just a drop)  each dough ball before pressing it in the tortilla press.
  • Use a ‘Tawa’ ( Skillet) to cook the flattened dough balls on medium high heat. 
  • Always refrigerate the fresh kneaded dough for at least an hour before making rotis.
Here are some useful tips for your future tortilla press :
  • Before buying make sure you have read good number of reviews.This will give you an idea about what the tortilla press can do & what it can’t do for you. We read a lot of reviews shared by Indians & so we knew what we will be getting.
  • You will have  to develop your own dough recipe & technique for your tortilla press & trust me you will find one soon after you start using it.
  • If your rotis are still turning out hard then don’t panic. Just wrap them in a paper towel or aluminum foil for 10 minutes. They will turn soft due to the steam released from each other.
  • Be patient & don’t give up.
If you have some tips to share regarding tortilla maker or roti making in general, please feel free to share them here.


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  2. hi,<br /> even I use rotimaker for pressing and use tawa for cooking roti but need to perfect yet<br /><br /> long do you keep the kneaded dough outside before refridgerating?<br />2.maximum how long can I refrigerate my dough?<br />3.what is the need for refridgeration?<br />4.can I knead the dough for whole week and refridgerate it for using week long?<br /> I need to use warm water

  3. Just bought one from ecrater its amazing for all kinds of Rotis and pani puri as well. Here&#39;s the link to the shop I would like to share.<br /><br />

  4. I have yet to master the art of roti making, with or without the rotimaker! Mine are never round (or even close), too thick and too hard/dry 🙁

  5. interesting recipe..thanks for the wonderful tips..<br />my roti maker is sleeping in my kitchen shelf, as I got fed up with hard dry rotis..;(<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Tasty Appetite </a>

  6. This is totally yummy recipe…I am loving it dear..Will try it soon..<br /><br />Aarthi<br />

  7. Is this product available online or not ?

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