‘Orange’ Juice

 The ‘Orange’ Juice –  A new way !

Even the slight mention of Juice (fresh) makes me thirsty & nostalgic. It all started in my early teen years when I was given the responsibility of making fresh juice almost on a daily basis for the clan. It became a family ritual to enjoy the freshly squeezed  juice in the evenings.When I say responsibility I mean it to the core ! During our grocery trips, my father would let me pick up any fruit of my choice which was oranges, apples, pomegranate & carrots. I always felt so special & responsible. That’s how I learnt that color, texture & ripeness are so important for any fruit.

All these years, the only vegetable I was pairing with fruit to extract juice was carrot. But now I’m more open to using different veggies for the whole process. Yes, making fresh juice is a process if you want the juice to be appetizing. Personally, I can not drink any juice just for its nutritive benefits. It has to please my taste buds too. So that’s why the whole ‘Process’ !
The best thing about any home made juice is that it is not loaded with extra sugars. This recipe uses three different fruit & veggies. All three are crisp & crunchy to eat & when you throw them in a juicer, you get an abstract which is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.This is good enough to recharge your system any time of the day. Addition of Celery enhances the flavor of this otherwise sweet juice; sweetness courtesy – Apples & Carrots 🙂
Serves : 2                                                   Level: Very Easy
Preparation Time: 3-4 minutes                        Ready In: 5 minutes

2 large Apples (I use Red Delicious)
6 medium Carrots
6 medium Celery stalks
Ice cubes (optional)
  1. Wash all the produce.
  2. Cut them in 3-4 pieces each & put them in juicer.
  3. Add ice if you want.
  4. Enjoy & nourish yourself !

Health Benefits

Apples – High in Vitamin C, No Cholesterol
Celery – Rich in Vitamin A & C ; Calcium & totally fat free
Carrot – Packed with multi-vitamins & antioxidants

Good to know…

  • Most of the nutrients in fruit & veggies are concentrated just beneath the skin. So avoid peeling them.
  • Instead of stockpiling fruit & veggies, try to purchase couple of times a week.

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