Happy Holi Everyone !!

Usually falling in March, Holi marks the coming of spring and is commonly known as the “Festival of Colors in India. I like everything about Holi….going out with family & friends …..playing with colors & eating sweets . Every Indian festival has its own special sweet associated with it which is kind of synonymous with the festival. Holi & ‘Gujiya’( An Indian sweet) go together & I could never get enough of both !! And I really miss both of them here in U.S.A. 


Makes: 12 gujiyas                               Serving size: 2
Preparation time:  15  minutes          Cooking time: 15 minutes
Ready in: 30 minutes                          Course : Dessert/ Appetizer
Difficulty level: Medium


·         Oil for frying

For the filling:

·         1 cup / 225 grams  Ricotta Cheese
·         2 tablespoons  ghee/ unsalted butter
·         1/3 cup dry milk
·         1/2 cup sugar
·         ¼ cup chopped almonds & raisins each
·         1 teaspoon  green cardamom  powder /elachi  powder

For the cover:

·         1 cup APF/ maida
·         2 tablespoons  oil


  • Mix all the ingredients for the filling in a medium bowl & microwave it for 8 minutes, stirring it  every two minutes.
  • For the cover, mix APF  & oil with your fingers, mix well until it binds to a certain extent.
  • Now add some water and knead lightly.  Keep adding water as required and knead into a soft but tight dough.
  •  Divide the dough into small balls and roll each ball into a small round of 4 inch diameter.
  • Fill half the round with the filling  mixture, fold it and seal the round, twisting the edges inwards. 
  •   Take care that the filling does not ooze out.
Using Gujiya Moulds: 

  •  Gujiya moulds can also be used (they are easily available in any Indian store).
  •    For using moulds, place the rolled dough ball in a greased gujiya mould and fill a tablespoon of filling mixture on one side.  
  •  Moisten the edges of the round and fold one side of the mould over the other.
  • Remove the excess edges and reuse.

    (You should get 12-13 gujiyas with the above ratio.) 

  •  Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the gujiyas in batches on a medium flame.
  • When golden brown in color, drain and remove.



  1. Keith & Dany…so good to hear from you …its been ages !! Farm fresh & organic…. your food will be yummier & healthier than ever :))

  2. Monika and Sumit…we look forward to trying some of these recipes with our own produce when they start coming in!

  3. The gujiyas were excellent. Very close to the halwai gujiyas in India without the extra sweet and syrupy coating on top.

  4. wow… the recipe itself makes my mouth water. I need to buy that mould and try it out soon…

  5. These look so colorful and appetizing, wish u would send me some !

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